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by Aleks Harrison


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"Perseverance is key and motivating your kids to keep going is important. A good book that really highlights this and is relatable for them."

Sam Donald, Educational Phycologist

"Charming writing, fine illustrations, and very solid advice offered in a manner that children can absorb! At the book's end, large drawings of the story are offered for the young readers to color, involving them in the message of the fun story even more. Aleks Harrison is a welcome new voice in children's literature. Recommended."

"I love Aleks stories and this one is right up there as a favorite. This book teaches while entertaining. Max is like most children who get frustrated when they are trying to do something and don't quite get it right off. I admire how the story unfolds and gets children all caught up in it. As an educator, it makes for a great teachable moment when dealing with frustration and how children handle it."

"Liked colorful pictures and rhyming words on the pages. Glad to see the whole family is behind him after he is able to prove to all what he can do. Very enjoyable story and can't wait to read more of the author's works."

Jbarr5 TOP 1000 REVIEWER

Grady Harp Children's Books TOP 500 REVIEWER

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